Welcome to my site, and the fascinating occupation of woodturning.

Woodturning dates from a time when our local woodlands were the factories of our towns and villages. In those days, woods weren't merely something pleasant to walk through - they provided the essential fuel, building materials and much employment for the whole community. And a completely sustainable resource to boot!

My own speciality and passion, is the Pole Lathe. This fantastic foot-powered device relies on a sharp cutting-edge and green wood to leave the beautifully smooth finish it's renown for. And without the need for sandpaper to achieve the effect.

Green wood, that is freshly felled unseasoned timber, is soft and easy to cut. It's grain straight and knot-free coming out of local coppice woods is the ideal material for my kind of work. And naturally, all the wood I use, comes from local small-scale coppice woodlands.

I also regularly demonstrate the Pole Lathe at shows around the UK and have even been on TV. (TV didn't go to my head though, I'm still just like any other ordinary person ☺) and I offer courses for interested members of the public - from my workshop in the heart of Warwickshire.

Finally, there is also a links page for those of you who would like to know more about organisations and other craftsmen working in this field.

Thanks for visiting.